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Purdue Falters Down The Stretch - Falls to Northwestern 58-64

Purdue let this one slip away.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Drew will have much more on this one coming shortly but for those of you that aren’t watching the Super Bowl I wanted to give you a place to vent your frustration.

Purdue simply let this game slip away from them. Despite the lead hovering around 5-8 for most of the second half when the seconds ticked down it was Northwestern who was able to continue to find an offense while Purdue turned it over time and time again. Northwestern was led by Boo Buie with 26 and Chase Audige with 15.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolute beating that Purdue took down low and well all over the court. Zach Edey and Braden Smith were both bleeding at various points throughout the game and Zach Edey was as animated and angry as I can remember him being. Nearly everything that could have gone wrong for Purdue did. The freshmen looked like freshman, the shots weren’t falling, and the officials let a whole lot go. Purdue had the opportunity to take complete control of the Big Ten race but now, while still in control, they gave those below them a chance.

More to come.