Berg deserves a chance

I may have missed some posts on this, but I'm not sure why Furst is getting a pass on weak play. Sure, not playing with Edey hurts, but he fumbles the ball constantly, can't finish at the rim unless it's an uncontested dunk, misses FT's (especially front-end FT's), not a great assist big man, is REALLY slow to the ball on any free ball, and takes bad 3's.

I realize he's a good kid, but in a similar situation Grady was actually delivering (Painter's previous support of Grady getting his playing time).

The eye test shows that Berg may have some of the goods, but he's not getting a chance even in blowouts. He seems sure with his hands, and has been aggressive on rebounds. Also, he's finished at the rim (against 3rd string...I get that). It would be nice to know what he can do by tournament time.

Besides never changing up defenses, staying with guys too long has certainly been a weak point for Painter (PJ trying to break presses (and failing repeatedly) when Carsen was an option as an underclassman).

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