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Purdue Fan Survey Results - Will Purdue Men’s Basketball Win the Big Ten?

Plus, who is Purdue’s most important player not named Zach Edey?

Iowa v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

As Purdue prepares to face Alabama in the great white north of Canada it’s time to see just how confident Purdue fans are in this team. Two Big Ten games are in the books so I wanted to gauge what percent of Purdue fans believe that this team will win the conference crown. When the year started most of us thought that Michigan State would be the toughest competition for the title, and they may still be, but right now it sure looks like Illinois could cause some problems. With Purdue 1-1 in conference play and clawing themselves all the way back from the bottom of the standings, what a story it would be. So, do the fans think Purdue will win the whole damn thing?

95% of Purdue fans think that Purdue will win the conference crown this year and I just gotta say that number is ridiculously high. Don’t get me wrong, I’m among the 95%. So much so in fact that when Purdue was at +150 on Draft Kings I put a large chunk of my bankroll on that bet. Now I’ve just gotta wait for the season to play out and hope that Purdue takes care of business.

I suppose I’m not alone in believing in this team and that makes sense. We all know how last season ended but that was after winning the conference crown by multiple games. Purdue then returned the reigning national player of the year and added a dynamic guard in Lance Jones who has exceeded expectations. I believe in this team, and it seems like so do you.

Speaking of Lance Jones, is he Purdue’s most important player not named Zach Edey? It seemed obvious to me that Zach Edey is the most important player overall so I wanted to find out who was second. I only provided three options, Lance Jones, Braden Smith, and Fletcher Loyer.

I really thought Braden Smith would run away with this think but Lance Jones was nipping at his heals. Smith did not receive a majority but did receive a plurality. Loyer brought up the rear with 12%. To me, and argument can be made for all three of them. Braden Smith is the leader of the offense and his improved play has been incredible to watch. Lance Jones gives Purdue a second ball handler and a guy who isn’t afraid to take the big shot, and he’s a plus defender. Loyer is Purdue’s best shooter and if Purdue is hitting their three point shots they are nearly unbeatable. It appears the fanbase believes the argument for Braden Smith the most.

Stay tuned for more of these questions each week throughout basketball season.

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