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The Old Gold Show Returns - We Talk Matt Painter Criticism of Media Narrative

Does he have a point?

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Purdue took down Iowa in a fast pace offensive game from the Boilermakers. They took care of the basketball and looked good doing it. After the game, Matt Painter took on his critics and said that it was stupid to think that the way Purdue has lost over the last few years is similar or the same or unique to Purdue. From The Exponent:

“For us… (turnovers have) plagued us but so when people say like, ‘Oh, they just lose kind of the same way,’ it’s really stupid, and you don’t understand basketball if you say that. It’s really stupid,” he said. “It’s just coming from such an untrained eye. Everybody has an issue with turnovers in some games this year.”

I won’t lie, Casey and I thought this might be directed at us (a little bit) since we have often talked on the show about the similarities or patterns between the losses. It didn’t help that Casey was the one who asked the question. Give us a watch and see what you think.