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Boiler Alert - Back to the Winning Ways

Ryan and I discuss the victory over Iowa

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

After the loss to Northwestern I think there was a bit of an “Oh no, here we go again” feeling within the fan base. It’s understandable. It might not have any bearing in reality, and it might not be correlated at all, but when Purdue fans see their team rise so fast in November there’s a big part of them that waits for the inevitable fall because we’ve seen it so many times before. The life of a sports fan is one of constant losing. Only one team can win every year and it hasn’t been Purdue. So, there’s a tendency to feel like the sky is falling when a loss happens. Especially, no offense meant, to a team like Northwestern that historically hasn’t been very good.

So, how do you get the fans back? How do you give morale a boost? You return home and put on a great performance against an Iowa team that can really score the ball. Ryan and I go over the ups and downs of the Iowa game with much more ups than downs. Give us a listen, rate, review, and smash that subscribe button. Thanks for listening folks. (for those looking for the show on Apple Podcasts, there appears to be a glitch in getting the last couple episodes. I’m in contact with Apple and am awaiting a resolution.)