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Purdue Men’s Basketball Drops in Latest AP Top 25

The loss to Northwestern dropped Purdue from #1.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After losing their first Big Ten game on the road against Northwestern, Purdue was bound to fall in the rankings that came out today. Now, we know how far.

If you listened to the latest Boiler Alert podcast you know that this is exactly what I predicted, including the teams that would be in front of Purdue. I’m not a genius or guru of any kind, but I do pay attention to basketball and this was the most logical choice for the rankings today. Who is in front of Purdue you ask?

  1. Arizona
  2. Kansas
  3. Houston

Other people opponents and Big Ten teams in the rankings include:

  • #7 Gonzaga
  • #8 Marquette
  • #17 Tennessee
  • #20 Illinois
  • #23 Wisconsin

Other teams receiving votes include Ohio State, Northwestern, Alabama, Michigan State, and Purdue’s exhibition opponent Arkansas.

Purdue is next in action tonight at 7:00 PM eastern against Iowa at home in Mackey Arena.