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The Old Gold Show - A Loss in Evanston...Again

I’m joined once again by Casey.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Why does this keep happening? Purdue, ranked number one and heads to Evanston and BAM it’s a loss. I don’t know what is going on up there. At least Chris Collins didn’t try to grab any our players this time.

I’m joined once again by Casey Bartley, our former writer and now big man over at Boiler Upload to talk about this one. Is there any reason to panic? Is there a problem that Purdue can correct or is this just going to be a pattern that we see throughout the rest of the basketball season. Casey tries to put my mind at ease, and mostly succeeds. We talk about what Purdue needs to do to get better and Casey previews a conversation he’s going to have with Head Coach Matt Painter this week. Make sure to check that out over at Boiler Upload.

Give us a listen and or watch. Heck, why not both? In the spirit of the soon to be defunct IUPUI, why not both?