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Purdue Football: Nic Scourton Into the Portal

Purdue’s star outside linebacker is on the move.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 22 Wisconsin at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, and “sources” Nic Scourton will enter the transfer portal.

Scourton retweeted Feldman’s post.

Got to think that’s a wrap.

What It Means For Purdue

Losing the Big 10 leader in sacks isn’t ideal. Scourton, at an athletic 6’5”, 280, is the prototype for an edge rusher in Walter’s system. He’s big. He’s fast. He’s athletic.

He’s gone.

That’s life in the new era of college football.

Luckily, Purdue backfilled outside linebacker with other transfers. Shitta Sillah out of Boston College and CJ Madden out of UGA were big pickups with Scourton on the roster. They’re even more important now.

Assuming Jenkins and Heldt stay, the Boilermakers will still have a solid rotation at outside linebacker. That’s not including DJ Allen, a true freshman out of Memphis with some juice off the edge.

Losing Scourton hurts. There is no way to sugar coat it. At the same time. If you’re going to lose the Big 10 leader in sacks, it’s nice to have the guy that finished second on your roster. If you’re going to lose a guy, it’s best to lose him from a position of strength.

It will be interesting to see if Nic Scourton led the Big 10 in sacks because he was the best pass rusher in the Big 10, or if Ryan Walters has the best passing rush scheme in the Big 10, and Nic was a perfect fit for the system. He had 2 sacks as a traditional defensive end in a 4-3 system in 2022 and 10 as an outside linebacker with Walters in 2023. Did he get 8 sacks better regardless of the defense, or did he get 8 sacks better because of the defense?

That is someone else’s problem to figure out (I think he’ll be good but not great as a hand-on-the-ground defensive end).

What it Means For College Sports

This is the new normal in college football. If a guy has a stellar season and doesn’t have close ties to the program, he’s gone.

This is Purdue’s spot in the pecking order. They’ll get guys dropping down from top-tier programs (like UGA), and they’ll lose guys they develop to top-tier programs (like Oklahoma and the school to be named later when it’s not so obvious for Scourton).

That’s doubly true if West Virginia basketball accidentally removed all transfer limitations because they wanted an exception for RaeQuan Battle despite him clearly not crossing the waiver threshold (just my opinion).

How Do I Handle This As a Purdue Fan?

At this point, you either have to get on board or find something else to do with your Saturday afternoons.

I’m not saying this in any sort of antagonistic way. I watch college football because it makes me happy. When it no longer makes me happy, I will stop watching. I can tell you my college football consumption outside of the schools I get paid to write about is down approximately 95%.

The college football you grew up with is dead. Wipe any thoughts of loyalty from your brain and start watching college football like you watch NFL football.

It’s all about the jersey.

The players are interchangeable.

Don’t get too attached.