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Purdue Fans React Results - Does Only March Matter?

Plus, most important non-starter.

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The results are in folks! This week we asked a couple questions that I think were both provocative but also are important to the fanbase and maybe even how we cover things here at Hammer and Rails.

The first question, was if only March matters for this Purdue team. We obviously know that for a number of seasons now the expectations have been sky high for Purdue basketball and they haven’t really been lived up to. In March that is. Last year Purdue won the regular season Big Ten title and the Big Ten Tournament title, but for many people it will be remembered solely for the FDU loss.

The mantra with a certain segment of the fanbase after that loss was that nothing matters during the regular season and instead that only March success matters. I’m not among that group but I wanted to know what percent of you are. So...I just decided to ask.

48% is a really unsatisfying answer because it basically means that the group is split right down the middle. It’s a polarizing question and the numbers match up with that feeling. What does this mean for this Purdue team? I think that it means that there’s even additional pressure on them to find success in March. The question though, as raised in the initial post, was what does March mattering mean? Does Purdue have to outperform their seeding? Do they have to reach a specific round? Do they have to reach the Final Four? Win it all? What does March success mean to this fanbase? Perhaps that will be next week’s question.

Next, we asked which current non-starter will have the biggest impact on this season. The results were a bit surprising to me.

Far and away the leading vote getter was Mason Gillis with 63%. He actually had my vote so I’m glad that I’m in tune with the fans on this one. I’ve always been a big Mason Gillis fan and I hope that he continues to have impactful moments in what is his senior season. Coming in second place was Caleb Furst followed in third by Ethan Morton. That means the remaining 16% fell between Cam Heide and Myles Colvin. There will be plenty of chances to make an impact this season and I hope each one of these guys gets at least one opportunity.

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