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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 6

This week, with a holiday twist.

2023 Indy Classic - Arizona v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 6

1) Purdue (-)
W vs #1 Arizona (N)
Holiday Movie: Home Alone
They are alone at the top after facing an insane non-conference slate unscathed so far.

2) Illinois (-)
W vs Colgate
Holiday Movie: The Santa Clause
Brad Underwood would be the grouchy dad that needs to step into Santa’s shoes, wouldn’t he?

3) Wisconsin (+1)
W vs Jacksonville State
Holiday Movie: Every Hallmark Movie Ever
Because you seemingly get the exact same team every single year that is solid and keeps you coming back, hoping for a change up.

4) Nebraska (+2)
W at Kansas State
Holiday Movie: Frosty the Snowman
For the team that is always melted away by the time March rolls around, maybe this year will bring some magic and two eyes made out of coal.

5) Indiana (-)
L vs #2 Kansas
Holiday Movie: Miracle on 34th Street
The older folks adore this movie and remember it like yesterday. There are rumors of a remake too, but we’ll see.

6) Michigan State (+7)
W vs #6 Baylor, W vs Oakland
Holiday Movie: The Polar Express
We shall not always give the train references to Purdue. Michigan State always seems to be running out of time, just to show up Johnny-on-the-spot at the end. Also, Izzo reminds me of an elf.

7) Ohio State (-)
W vs UCLA (N)
Holiday Movie: Elf
You either hate this team or absolutely love it. Same goes for this movie because of Will Ferrell. Just don’t be a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins.

8) Northwestern (-5)
L vs Chicago State, W at DePaul
Holiday Movie: Christmas Vacation
Things were looking so cheerful when they upset Purdue at home but then Cousin Eddie (Chicago State) showed up and all hell broke loose. Will the Wildcats get their Christmas bonus?

9) Michigan (-1)
W vs Eastern Michigan
Holiday Movie: A Christmas Carol
The past was joyful and full of wonder. The present needs some work though so that the Wolverines don’t have a Scrooge-like future.

10) Rutgers (-1)
W vs Long Island
Holiday Movie: Eight Crazy Nights
Much like Davey Stone, Rutgers has turned itself around to be better for the basketball landscape.

11) Maryland (-1)
W vs Alcorn State
Holiday Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
What would happen if Maryland disappeared. Well, they sort of did this season. There’s still time to think about the good that the Terps bring to the Big Ten though.

12) Iowa (+2)
W vs Florida A&M
Holiday Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
This is because of Fran. He looks like the angriest man in the building but maybe his heart grew three sizes when Iowa finally got back on track.

13) Minnesota (-2)
Holiday Movie: Jingle All the Way
Not only does it take place in Minneapolis but the Gophers have gone through massive struggles to get some Christmas cheer (or wins).

14) Penn State (-2)
L vs Georgia Tech
(Non) Holiday Movie: Die Hard
Not a Christmas movie. Not a basketball school.