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Boiler Alert - Euphoric After Victory Over #1 Arizona

Ryan is no longer a jinx!

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

After the victory over #1 Arizona there is certainly a lot to talk about. Purdue was ranked #3 heading into it and depending on what corners of the internet you looked at Purdue was either a nobody filled with role players who would be nothing without Zach Edey or they were one of the best teams in the nation. Who could say which was true? Arizona fans on Twitter certainly felt it was the former. Well, on Saturday we found it.

Three Purdue players scored more than 22 points for the first time in program history. Purdue was led by their pair of sophomore guards, but there was someone who was just as instrumental in the victory. Our very own Ryan Bonaparte. His ability to be a jinx for the basketball team was legend. Until this weekend. Ryan was in attendance for this one and he was able to get that jink monkey off of his back.

We talk about all things Arizona, the relentless media narrative about Zach Edey, and the possibility of #1 Purdue.

We also get into the latest transfer news for Purdue football.

Finally, the Apple podcasts glitch is apparently being fixed by Apple today. So all the episodes from December should be populating if not today then shortly thereafter. We have been assured that the fix is simple once they have all the information which was sent to them today. Thanks so much for being patient with us there.