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The Old Gold Show - Is the Big Ten Bad?

Plus, we preview Arizona.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Old Gold Show has returned in preparation of Purdue’s monster game on Saturday against #1 ranked Arizona. Purdue heads into the game ranked #3 and having taken down a number of ranked opponents already this year. Casey and I are joined by the smart and charismatic Greg Waddell from Sleepers Media. You can find him on Twitter and also subscribe to his Youtube channel for his podcast that comes out five days a week. He just released a preview of this very game. He was a great guest to have on as he largely focuses on Big Ten basketball. He provides a different perspective than Casey from Boiler Upload and me. Loved having him on.

We take a look at the overall Big Ten picture right now and ask, is the conference bad? Spoiler, yes, it seems to be largely unimpressive.

Then we talk about the Zach Edey controversy and if he simply fouls all the time, gets fouled all the time, or if it turns out these media narratives are all wrong.

Plus, who would you rather have on your team, Braden Smith or Caleb Love? Casey has pretty strong opinions on this one.

Finally, we take a good look at the game against Arizona coming up on Saturday. We talk what to expect and what we think Arizona will bring against Purdue and Zach Edey. It was a really great conversation. Give us a watch on YouTube or listen via the Apple Podcast or Spotify link below.