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Boiler Alert Podcast - Attacking the Media Narrative on Zach Edey

I’m tired of the lazy media narrative from some.

NCAA Basketball: Hall of Fame Series-Toronto-Alabama at Purdue John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a certain segment of the sports media world that casually drops into conversations in which they know little to nothing about, drops an incoherent and poorly thought out claim, and then just sort of runs away to their corner of the internet. This seems to be happening right now with the media around Zach Edey. Of course, I want to be clear, most of the media praise Zach Edey and his work ethic, ability, and just his general self. However, there is a certain segment of the media that falls back on the “OMG how does he never get called for fouls” and “OMG they call so many fouls on his defenders what are they supposed to do?” Well, after this Alabama game it popped up again with a prominent (?) sports journalist who notes that he mainly covers football. I shouldn’t be as fired up as I was but I get right into it on this episode of the podcast.

We also take a look at some of the recent football transfer portal news as well as the Sweet 16 loss of the volleyball team. The victory over Alabama of course is the main focus of this one but I just got really fired up during the media narrative part.

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