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Purdue Basketball: Texas Southern Preview

#1 Purdue faces off against 0-6 Texas Southern. Things will happen.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Note: No offense to Texas Southern, but I’m working smarter, not harder on this preview. If this is your first time reading one of these, they usually have more information and will for the Northwestern game.

Texas Southern University Tigers (0-6)

Basic Information

Location: Houston Texas

Type of School: Public Historically Black University

Mascot: Tiger (this feels like a lack of effort)

Head Coach - Johnny Jones

Seasons at Texas Southern: 6

Career Record: 385-313

Regular Season Conference Championships: 1

Conference Tournament Championships: 5

NCAA Appearances: 6 (2-6)

Final 4 Appearances: 0

Advanced Stats


They are brutally bad. Most of the numbers are bright red on KenPom. They are the worst shooting team in the nation.


They are slightly better on defense, but far from good.


They play slow on offense; like super slow. One of the slowest paces in the nation. From what I’ve seen, their goal on offense is to take a highly contested shot at the end of the shot clock, or commit a shot clock violation.

On defense, they give up points quickly.


Texas Southern Starters

Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team
Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team
Point Guard 3 PJ Henry Sr. 5'10" 177 Hartford
Shooting Guard 11 Jonathan Cisse Sr. 6'1" 160 Incarnate Word
Small Forward 7 Deon Stroud Sr. 6'5" 205 Eastern Washington
Power Forward 32 Kehlin Farooq Jr. 6'6' 196 Hampton
Center 2 Jahmar Young Sr. 6'11" 240 Memphis

Texas Southern Bench

Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team
Position Number Player Class Height Weight Previous Team
Shooting Guard 12 Zytarious Mortle So. 6'2" 199
Point Guard 5 Jaylen Wysinger Jr. 6'0" 170
Small Forward 4 Chris Craig Sr. 6'4" 185 North Lake College
Power Forward 23 Shaquir O'Neal So. 6'8" 201
Center 1 Kenny Hunter Jr. 6'8" 235 Louisiana Tech

Playing Style


Imagine Virginia, but all their shooters have to shoot with their off hand. Also they have to play with a basketball covered in Crisco.

In fact, I watched a half of basketball where they played Virginia. They scored 14 points in the first half, and 33 in the game. They shot 30% from 2, 18% from 3, and 54% from the line. They had 5 assists and 20 turnovers. It was bad basketball, and I feel bad for watching it.

They did play better against Drake. Their point guard P.J. Henry caught fire from 3 (7-11) and put up 27 points. They shot a more respectable 54% from 2, still only shot 31% from 3, and managed to hit 61% of their free throws. They had 13 assists and 11 turnovers. They also slightly shortened their ridiculous 12 man rotation.

They still lost 77-71.

Purdue needs to keep Henry from hitting more than 15 3-pointers. If they can accomplish that, I feel like this one is in the bag.


They play hard. They don’t play well.

Matchup to Watch

Zach Edey vs. Playing Time

How many points can Zach score before he takes a permanent seat on the bench. Can he put up a double / double in less the 15 minutes? We may get a chance to find out.



Purdue - 83

Texas Southern - 55

Confidence: 99%


Purdue - 87

Gonzaga - 50

Texas Southern, in part, funds their basketball program by traveling around the country in the non-conference, playing buy games. So far they’ve lost to New Mexico, Arizona State, and Creighton. I think they were also a buy game for Oral Roberts and Drake, and I wonder how much those teams pay.

They were competitive against Oral Roberts and Drake and could turn into something by the end of the season. They won’t challenge Purdue. The only reason the Boilermakers don’t crack 100 is the lack of competition. The walk-on crew better be getting shots up in warmups because they’re getting plenty of burn tonight.