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Purdue Non-Con Tracker: Post-Feast Week

Purdue has the best resume in the country right now. Here’s how:

Allstate Maui Invitational - Purdue v Marquette Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Quad Chart

Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quadrant Home Neutral Away
Quad 1 1-30 1-50 1-75
Quad 2 31-75 51-100 76-135
Quad 3 76-160 101-200 136-240
Quad 4 161+ 201+ 241+

Samford Bulldogs
KenPom: 145
Quad-3 Win
Since last update: W vs Alabama St, W vs Merrimack, W vs NC A&T

Morehead State Eagles
KenPom: 197
Quad-4 Win
Since last update: W vs Midway

Xavier Musketeers
KenPom: 43
Quad-2 Win
Since last update: W vs Bryant, L vs Oakland

#11 Gonzaga Bulldogs (N)
KenPom: 7
Quad-1 Win
Since Purdue game: W vs Syracuse (N), W vs UCLA (N)

#7 Tennessee Volunteers (N)
KenPom: 9
Quad-1 Win
Since Purdue game: L vs #1 Kansas

#4 Marquette Golden Eagles (N)
KenPom: 6
Quad-1 Win
Since Purdue game: N/A

Remaining Non-Cons:

Non-Con Remaining

Date Opponent NET KenPom
Date Opponent NET KenPom
21-Dec Jacksonville 273 267
29-Dec Eastern Kentucky 315 244

For a second year in a row, Purdue has torn through its holiday tournament en route to a #1 ranking. Unfortunately, the Xavier win is no longer a Quad-1 victory but being 3-0 in Quad-1 games is still the best in the nation. Purdue will get two more non-con shots at Quad-1 wins in Toronto against Alabama and in Indy against Arizona. They also will have a shot at a Quad-1 win against Northwestern in Evanston during the odd December conference games. Purdue continues to set itself up for later success early on and hopefully the train keeps rolling tonight and into December.