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Purdue Football Players in the Transfer Portal

Keep returning to this post as we are tracking all Purdue plays who are entering the transfer portal.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

With the football season ending for Purdue, and a number of teams, there will inevitably be an exodus of players into the transfer. Rather than do a post each time that someone enters the portal we are planning to simply compile them here and pin this post to the top. We want to make this a one stop shop to keep you updated on who is staying and who is going for next season’s Purdue football roster.

  • WR - TJ Sheffield
  • OLB - Khordae Sydnor
  • LB - OC Brothers
  • K - Julio Macias
  • OL - Josh Kaltenberger
  • WR - Mershawn Rice
  • LB - Domanick Moon
  • DL - JP Deeter
  • DL - Sulaiman Kpaka
  • WR - Deion Burks
  • DL - Prince Boyd
  • OL - Malachi Presiado
  • CB/WR - Zion Steptoe
  • WR - Curtis Deville
  • WR - Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen
  • OL - Andre Oben
  • RB - Dylan Downing (Grad transfer)
  • CB Zion Gunn
  • TE Garrett Miller
  • DE/LB Nic Scourton

This story will be updated as additional names enter the portal or announce their returns to the team.