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Boiler Alert Podcast - Maui Champs, Transfer Portal, Bucket Retainers

Plus, IU fires another Tom.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Ryan and I are finally back in action together after the Hawaiian time difference became a bit too much to bear. It’s difficult to find a time to record when you’ve got games to go to, press conferences to attend, and not to mention a family vacation to go on when you’re not working. It was a stressful time but an unforgettable time. Plus, Purdue comes out of the tournament as a champion and they played some incredible basketball. Ryan and I cover it all and what we noticed during the three game tournament.

Ryan and I start off the program talking about the names that we know of that have entered the transfer portal as of last night’s recording. This will likely be an incomplete list by the time you listen so keep in mind this is a moving target.

Finally, we talk Purdue retaining the Bucket. Plus, IU fires yet another Tom. This one is going to get $20.8 million. That number is mind boggling. I’d say that his manager or attorney or whoever negotiated this for him must have some sort of mind control powers to get that type of buyout for Tom Allen. I can’t understand it.

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