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Boiler Alert - Talking Maui and IU Predictions

Flying solo today.

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational Championship Purdue Boilermakers vs. Marquette Golden Eagles Steven Erler-USA TODAY Sports

With me four hours behind Ryan and on a family vacation it made podcasting a bit difficult to coordinate. My only availability yesterday was around 7:00 PM Hawaii time which meant that for Ryan it was around 11:00 PM Central. Unfortunately, we just weren’t able to connect. So instead, I hopped on and recorded one on my own. Fair warning, the audio isn’t the absolute best on this because I was recording this on the balcony of my hotel with the hustle and bustle still going on.

Regardless, I talk about the Maui Invitational Championship including a fun little tidbit about Lance Jones and Zach Edey chatting as they left the press conference. What a wonderful experience this was. Since Purdue won all three games while I was in Hawaii I will be taking donations to get me to every away game this year so that Purdue can go undefeated. Thanks for donating.

Finally, I take a brief look at the upcoming game against IU and provide a prediction for Saturday’s game. A little short this week but hey, I’m on vacation in Hawaii, cut me some slack.