I watched just part of the UCONN/IU game and saw enough that IU was not close to being on the level of UCONN. They need some shooters. UCONN looked very tough and looks like they will be a contender again for the title. They have size all across the board which usually gives us problems. We generally have great size at C but lacking at the other positions especially SF and PG. Elite size (or quickness, which we definitely don't have) would help us make the deep tourney run we are looking for. Here is UCONN's for example.

C Clingan 7'2"

PF Karaban 6'8"

SF Castle 6'6"

SG Cam Spencer 6'4" (from Rutgers)

PG Newton 6'5"

Top Reserves

PG Ball 6'3"

PF Johnson 6'10"

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