The (Terrible) State of Big Ten Basketball

I know we are less than two weeks into the season, but the early season results are showing alarming trends among most of the Big Ten schools. The conference already ranks 4th behind the B12, SEC, and P12 at Torvik, and we may soon be passed by the Big East and ACC if we keep trending the way we are.


Some lowlights so far:

Michigan State loses to JMU at home.

Michigan loses to LBSU at home.

Wisconsin has played poorly in all 4 of their games, including two blowout losses to P6 competition.

Indiana has struggled in all 3 buy games, including being tied with sub-300 Army with less than 4 minutes to go.

Maryland has two losses to Davidson and UAB, and scored 28 points in the first 36 minutes against Nova

Rutgers loses to Princeton at home

Minnesota blows a 20-pt lead to Mizzou

Northwestern has struggled with both low-major teams it has played.


I don’t remember a B10 season in my lifetime where the conference has been this bad outside of 1 or 2 teams. I wouldn’t be shocked if Purdue was the only top 4 seed on Selection Sunday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the B10 only sends 6 teams to the tournament this year.


So discussion time:

If the B10 is actually as bad as it appears to be, is that a good or bad thing for Purdue? The more difficult the opponents, the better wins and losses we get, but weaker opponents should make the B10 grind less taxing on our team.

Who do you believe will make the NCAA tournament, outside of Purdue? My guess is MSU, Mich, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Who do you think will finish highest among the non-Purdue schools? Nebraska is currently playing the best of the rest, but I think Dug McDaniel at Michigan is good enough to drag them to 2nd.

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