Purdue Volleyball Wins!!!

What an amazing match !!! Lady Boilers defend Holloway with a five set win - 16-14 in the last set. Hudson owned the last set after we got killed in the fourth! Can beat any one and the team is still very young - Rae Colvin looked amazing as well. I guess the Wisconsin coach may have had to use his last challenge at the end but it felt a little sore loserish.

so excited for the team. Three more games to clinch third in the Big Ten!

Thanks for an exciting match.

Just to fill space now but you have to respect Purdue with how many legacies are playing for the teams. The Colvin syblings, Waddell, Furst’s brother - the rest of the basketball walk ons and Thienman (sp?). now Gicari plus the sisters on the girls basketball team - it really is incredible

loving how Purdue is representing and shining with our teamwork!!

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