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Purdue Fans React - Northwestern Week Results

A big bounce back after the victory over the Golden Gophers.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

We are back at you once again with the results from the Purdue fan survey. I must say, things are looking much rosier in West Lafayette after last week’s victory over the Golden Gophers, but was that victory just fool’s gold or is Purdue really headed on an upswing? The fans were certainly much more positive this week than last.

An astounding 67% of Purdue fans think that Purdue will take down Northwestern. I’ve got to say this number is surprising. Even though Purdue won last week I wasn’t sure it would inspire this type of confidence. Moving in the right direction I guess.

A whopping 56% of Purdue fans think that Purdue will win their remaining games and finish with five victories. Again, pretty surprising if you ask me. Last week by comparison, just 11% of fans thought Purdue would win five games this year. Quite the turnaround indeed.