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Purdue Fans React - Northwestern Week

Was the victory enough to break the fanbase out of the doldrums?

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

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Purdue football came away with a surprising victory over Minnesota. It was surprising not only because Purdue won, but the way in which they won. Purdue scoring 49 points was completely unexpected, but was it enough to push the fanbase to a more optimistic footing? The general mood of the fanbase has been trending downward all season so what does a win do for the mood?

I must say, I was truly impressed with the fan support in Ross-Ade Stadium this weekend. The team was just 2-7 and yet the stadium was nearly full. Credit to all those involved in athletics and to the fans for showing up for a team that might have a little more fight in them after all.

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