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Purdue Men’s Basketball Lands at #2 in AP Top 25

The Boilermakers move up one spot.

NCAA Basketball: Morehead State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue started the season at #3 in the AP Top 25 and that felt like a pretty great spot. Only Kansas and Duke were ahead of the Purdue Boilermakers and you can’t really begrudge either of those choices. I didn’t feel disrespected. I felt...respected? Yeah, that’s it. Purdue has been ranked #1 in each of the last two seasons and will look to get there a third time in the next AP Poll. For now though, they’ve have to settle for #2.

Coming up directly behind the Boilermakers in the #3 spot is future Purdue opponent Arizona following their upset victory over Duke.

Maui is the proving ground. It’s one of the most loaded fields I’ve ever seen. In the field are:

  • #1 Kansas
  • #2 Purdue
  • #4 Marquette
  • #7 Tennessee
  • #11 Gonzaga
  • UCLA receiving votes

Whoever walks out of that Lion’s Den of a tournament as the champion will have earned it. It’s gonna be a dog fight there’s no doubt about it. It also seems likely that If either Kansas, Purdue, Marquette, or maybe even Tennessee win the tournament they could come out of that ranked #1. Crazier things have happened.