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The Old Gold Show - How Many Games Will Purdue Win the Big Ten By?

Casey is cocky.

NCAA Basketball: Morehead State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I are back on it this week with a breakdown of what happened against Morehead State and what we can expect to see tonight as Purdue takes on Xavier at Mackey Arena. This is Purdue’s biggest test prior to the trip to Hawaii. Casey breaks down some of what might give Purdue a little trouble in tonight’s game.

Rest assured though, if you’re watching this game after the Xavier game is over you’re going to be fine to consume this content. Much of this content is evergreen folks!

If you know anything about Casey and me you know that Casey is always more optimistic about basketball whereas I usually take a little more convincing. Unfortunately, Casey can be really persuasive and he’s led me astray a number of times over the last five years. On this episode we ask, will Purdue win the Big Ten again? And if so, by how many games. Don’t forget that Purdue won the conference by three games last year. Can they go bigger than that this year? The rest of the Big Ten hasn’t exactly looked impressive so far.

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