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B.U.D.S. Podcast: Xavier Preview

It’s shooty hoops season for the B.U.D.S.!

NCAA Basketball: Robert Morris at Xavier Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Drew and Garrett again join forces to briefly cover the first two games before going all-in on an Xavier preview. Not going to lie, this one lasts a little longer because we were having a great time talking about an awesome team.

We get into Purdue’s starting lineup, and the wealth of talent he has available off the bench. How does Painter handle an athletic wing like Xavier's Desmond Claude with their current 3 guard lineup. Does he end up with a set rotation or does he mix and match on a game-by-game basis? Does Painter blink and slow the game down when things get tough against better opponents?

We don’t know all the answers, but we have a few guesses. It’s my understanding that y’all like basketball as well. Something about it being the national sport of Indiana. Check us out and let me know what you think.

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If you’re interested in checking out our thoughts on football, we’ve got last week covered as well.

Our Post-Minnesota pod is in the bank and goes live tomorrow. We’ll also have a post Xavier breakdown and a Northwestern preview later on in the week. Look for us on your preferred podcast provider, like, subscribe, and BTFU!