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Purdue Fans React Survey Results - Minnesota Week

Where is fan confidence.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With Purdue coming off a loss to Michigan it is time to check in how the fans feel about this team. No need for more preamble. Let’s get to the results.

We start this week with the same question we’ve asked each and every week. Purdue currently sits at two wins. 21% of respondents think that Purdue won’t win another game all year. With three games remaining it honestly seems like a real possibility. 36% think Purdue will win one of their remaining three. 32% think Purdue wins two of their next three and 11% believe that Purdue will win the last three games of the season.

Rather than ask about who Purdue fans think will win or who would cover the spread I wanted to look ahead a bit and ask which unit of the team should be the focus off the offseason. I mentioned three units that I think need some work. The overwhelming favorite was the offensive line with 79% saying it needed to be a focus of the offseason. Coming in second was the secondary who was been the weak spot of the Purdue defense. There’s lots of work to be done to get this team where we want to be, but it seems Purdue fans think, rightly so, that it all starts in the trenches.