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B.U.D.S. Podcast: Minnesota Edition

Gophers (the animal) and The Gophers (football team) are both ground based entities.

Gophers Bay Area News Group/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hey y’all, this one is coming out a little late. Garrett’s been down and out with the plague all week but came off the DL this afternoon in what I’m calling “the cold medicine and caffeine” pod. We normally nail these without too much editing, but this one has a robust blooper real. A solo pod was supposed to come out earlier today, but I didn’t realize until after I finished recording that the sound of the “gems” my daughter forgot to remove from her pocket before putting her pants in the drier made it sound like I was recording live from a gravel wash plant.

Anyways, Garrett, despite podding with an injured voice, has what you need to know about the Minnesota defense (they give up yards, not points and the pass rush is solid). I drop some knowledge regarding the Gopher offense (they will run until you stop them, and then continue to run), we make fun the name Athan, and a good time is had by all.

If nothing else, listen to hear Garrett’s voice slowly degrade over the course of the episode.

Check us out below on Spotify, or look for Boiler Alert Podcast at your pod distribution center of choice. If you missed the post Michigan podcast featuring a very special guest, I included the link to that as well (You’re Welcome!).

Minnesota Preview

Michigan Post Mortem (featuring Lillian)