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Countdown to Purdue Basketball: Myles Colvin

The ultra talented freshman brings a set of skills to the roster that may be enough to push them forward in March

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We are just five days away from the official tip-off for Purdue Boilermakers Basketball which means we get to be introduced to one of the most heralded and most talked about recruits in the program’s history: Myles Colvin.

Myles enters the season looking to battle for potentially starters minutes at the small forward and shooting guard positions as a 6’5, 200 pound freshman. Rated as a top 60 recruit by all services, Colvin would have gone to most programs and been a day one starter for nearly every other B1G program. That likely won’t be the case at Purdue for the multi-team Team USA member who played for the 3x3 and U-19 team in the last year and a half. Colvin will battle with fellow freshman Cam Heide, transfer Lance Jones, sophomore Fletcher Loyer, sophomore Brian Waddell and even senior Ethan Morton. That type of depth may make it difficult for the freshman to find extended minutes in his first season but don’t put it out of the realm of possibility.

Colvin is known for his hard work and dedication to his game from an overall standpoint and the moment that he starts to figure things out, he could easily slide into a starting role and playing 20-25 minutes per game. The first key piece is figuring out the defensive expectations and rotations that many young players struggle with at the college level. The second is Colvin gaining consistency on the offensive end and being more aggressive with the ball in his hands. Once those things happen, the jump that Colvin will make will likely take him into first round consideration for the NBA draft. That may happen this year or may take multiple years, but that journey takes different time frames for different players. Making a comparison to Jaden Ivey may be the best one within a Purdue context, though he will be asked to do far less than Ivey was in his two seasons at Purdue.

If Purdue does make a March run in the NCAA Tourney, Colvin may end up being one of the main reasons for it. Whether that be as a starter and main piece or as a role player off the bench, Colvin provides an elite amount of athleticism the rest of the roster does lack.

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NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports