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#3 Purdue vs. Grace College - How To Watch and Open Thread

Quick question, where is Grace College?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the final exhibition game of the Purdue men’s basketball season. The last tune-up. The last tweaking of the lineups, the last etc. etc.. You get my point. This game won’t count in the standings but it will count in the hearts of all those Purdue fans who get to step back into Mackey Arena tonight to see their beloved Boilermakers.

When I was younger my family lived about two hours away from Campus, two and a half if my dad drove, so we didn’t make it to many games. My parents also had four children so season basketball tickets weren’t a high priority. However, on the occasion when we got tickets it was usually to an early season or even exhibition game. That didn’t deter young me. I didn’t care that these games meant less. I was just as excited to see Purdue face Athletes in Action as I was to see them face the likes of Northwestern. It was Purdue basketball, and that’s what mattered to me. So, for those fans returning to Mackey tonight, and especially for those fans who are maybe seeing this a game in Mackey for the first time, enjoy tonight.

So, who is Grace College? Here are some quick facts:

  • Grace College and Seminary is located in Winona Lake, Indiana.
  • Established in 1948.
  • Competes at the NAIA level.
  • They are the Lancers and their mascot is Sir Red.
  • You can meet them at the Crossroads (because that’s the league they play in).
  • They won the NAIA National Championship in 1992.
  • Scott Moore has been their head coach since 2019.

They’ve got a solid squad, but shouldn’t be able to compete with the Boilermakers. They have one player over 6’6” and he is listed at 6’10”. I truly hope that Grace College got some money out of this because the hope is that Purdue just absolutely takes them to the woodshed.

We will see what Painter does with the lineups as well as minutes played for the starters here. You want them to get into live action but you also don’t need to risk injury or fail to give the reserves enough time. It’s a balancing act.

When - 7:00 PM ET

Where - Mackey Arena (Sold Out)

TV/Streaming - BTN+ only

Radio- Purdue Global Radio Network

I took a look at the schedule and it looks as if Purdue has just two games on BTN+ this season and they are both in November. Therefore, you’ve only got to pay for one month if you’d like to see this game as well as the Morehead State game on November 10th.

Join us in the open thread below as we watch our Boilermakers in their final tune-up game before the season kicks off next week against Samford.