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Boiler Alert Podcast - Bobinski Gets an Extension - Purdue Falls to Iowa

That Iowa game, despite there being no offense, was offensive.

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

No Ryan on this week’s podcast as he was unavoidably detained. So it’s a bit shorter and is just me flying solo. I talk the news about Mike Bobinski’s extension and what he’s done so far for Purdue and what I’d like to see him work on going forward.

Then, unfortunately I had to talk about the most recent Purdue football game. Purdue vs. Iowa. Man, they certainly put on a clinic of....something. Iowa somehow managed to score 20 points without completing a single pass to a wide receiver which is a feat that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen replicated anywhere. I mean this isn’t an offense that doesn’t believe in the forward pass. This is just a team that apparently has no WRs that they trust and is suffering through a QB change that is...ahem...not going well for their offense. Brian Ferentz makes nearly a million dollars to do this while you and I trudge through normal lives. Seems unfair doesn’t it?

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