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Purdue Fans React - Iowa Week

Checking in on the pulse of the fanbase after defeating Illinois.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We are back with you on this fine Friday to provide the results of the Purdue football fanbase pulse survey. As a reminder, we are now only allowed two questions per week so I’ve decided to keep them simple for now. Also, I did reach out about the error in last week’s graphic, and as 3-Pete pointed out in the comments there was a typo that I’ll get into further following question 1.

So things have changed quite a bit after the victory over Illinois. You still had the same win total options to choose from 2-7+ but the optimism seems to be just flowing back into the fans. Last week prior to the Illinois game just 8% of fans thought Purdue would reach 6 wins and become bowl eligible (the graphic said 18% but this was a typo). Taking a look back at previous weeks, prior to week one, 79% of fans thought Purdue would reach bowl eligibility. After the loss to Fresno State, that number dropped all the way to 35%. Following the victory over Virginia Tech confidence rebounded a bit with 54% believing Purdue can reach six or more wins and become bowl eligible. After losing to Syracuse, and looking rather bad doing it, just 17% of Purdue fans believe the team will win six or more games to reach bowl eligibility. Should Purdue find a way to defeat the Hawkeyes I would think this number would go up drastically.

Purdue fans seem to view this upcoming game against Iowa as a toss-up with a slight lean Purdue. That’s not surprising given that this is after all a Purdue fan site. I was able to do some recon to see if the Iowa site had submitted a similar question and sure enough, they did. In fact, they asked the exact same question. 73% of Iowa fans think they will score the victory over the Boilermakers.

Prior to last week’s game 65% of Boilermaker fans thought Purdue would take down Illinois and they of course were right. Let’s hope majority rules for Purdue fans once again. Stay tuned for next week’s questions early next week. Until then, make sure to join us on the open thread during the Iowa game.

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