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BUDS Preview Iowa

The offense...the offense is not good. The defense and special teams are though.

Western Michigan v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Garrett and Drew entered the BUDS Boilercave to discuss the impending game against Purdue’s Most Hated Rival!!!! Iowa. Puns of different quality get made. Iowa stats are revealed. Someone is called a “Bigun” and the plight of Iowa skill players is bemoaned. We get around to talking about the Hawkeye’s offense, defense, and give a shout out to the special teams.

Other topics to look for:

Things Discussed

Limiting penalties and turnovers

A Purdue killer from last season possibly returning to action

Hudson Card’s legs

Hudson Card’s arm

Purdue’s pressure defense vs Iowa’s passive defense

The Tyrone Tracy revenge game

Iowa Defense: The ironmen of college football

Things Possibly Discussed

Garrett’s middle name?

Living in an armpit

The difference between Illinois and Iowa

Barking Dogs

Things Not Discussed


Iowa scoring touchdowns

Ryan Walters: How many pull-ups?

The death of Napoleon