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Purdue vs Nebraska Report Card

The teacher gave plenty of time to study but they came up short come test day.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue Report Card

Opponent: Nebraska

Offense: F

Quite possibly, the worst the offense has looked this season. Two weeks of prep and nothing seemed to go right. Despite being gifted 4 turnovers, the offense only managed 6 points. Hudson Card needed to throw the ball over 30 times just to hit 100 passing yards and the rushing game couldn’t hit 100 yards at all. Just a miserable week for the “air raid” offense that Graham Harrell has brought in.

Defense: C-
The best unit for Purdue on the day and that’s not saying too much. Kydran Jenkins and Nic Scourton are men among boys on this unit and Dillon Thieneman looks to be the best of his brothers. The Jenkins scoop and score made the final score a shred more respectable but it came against a turnover machine in Jeff Sims on a play that Nebraska should have punted. Credit where it’s due though. Unfortunately, allowing 24 points to this Nebraska team that was riddled with injury doesn’t look good, especially given the untimelyness of some of the scores.

Special Teams: D-
A blocked field goal being taken back for a touchdown is a 10 point swing for the mathematicians out there. Purdue needed every one of those points. There were no extra points attempted and subsequently blocked, so that’s not a negative. The only positives for special teams is that Jack Ansell out-punted the offense by over a hundred yards and the kickoff team recovered a fumble on the first play of the day.

Coaching: F
Two weeks of prep led to this? There is nothing left to say other than Purdue got its ass kicked and looked downright foolish. And that’s not even to mention the penalties and play-calling off turnovers.

Overall: F

No two ways around it, this was the most embarrassing loss for Purdue on the season. Now the Boilermakers get to go into Ann Arbor with their tails tucked and virtually no shot of going to a bowl game. But at least it’s almost basketball season.