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Purdue at #2 Michigan - Opening Odds

They aren’t good for Purdue.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I’m an optimist but not blindly so. I have no delusions about Purdue heading into Ann Arbor and walking away with a victory. So, with that in mind, I also don’t have any grand visions of Purdue not seeing a gigantic point spread in this one. The key for oddsmakers is that they want it so that equal amounts of money wind up on either side of the bet. Where would you place that number for this Purdue vs. Michigan game?

Keep in mind that this Purdue team, through week 9, has one of the top 10 worst scoring offenses among Power 5 teams. Keep in mind that Michigan is undefeated and is playing at home. Keep in mind, that these two teams played last year when Purdue had much more talent and Purdue lost 43-22. There’s not a lot of reason for optimism here at Hammer and Rails when it comes to Saturday night’s game against the Wolverines.

The oddsmakers over at Draft Kings have weighed in and they are giving Purdue +32 as the opening spread. That’s quite large. Taking a look at the rest of the slate in college football I only see one game with a wider spread than that. Tennessee is currently favored over UCONN by 35.5. You never love to see your team with some of the worst odds of the week. If you’re feeling especially nutty and want to simply burn money, Purdue is getting +3000 odds on the ML, but rather than betting that I’ll gladly give you my Venmo information and you can just send money directly to me. Same result for you but at least the money coming to me would be given a good home. Just saying, think about it.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.