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Purdue vs. Nebraska - Staff Predictions

What does the staff think?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 14 Ohio State at Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Purdue heads to Lincoln on Saturday with any chance of making a bowl game on the line. As Coach Walters said at his press conference the other day, this is playoff time. Each game has to be a win (minus Michigan) going forward. That first step is tomorrow against the Cornhuskers.

Jumbo Heroes (4-3):

There are two things that give me hope about this game. First, is that Purdue is coming off a bye week. That means that the coaching staff had two weeks to prepare with plenty of game film on Nebraska and that also means that our guys had a little bit of time to get healthy. Second, Nebraska is beat to shit. They are missing dang near everyone on the offensive side of the ball. Three offensive lineman. Multiple wide receivers. Multiple running backs. They’ve got a QB who can’t seem to really be effective throwing the ball, but who has truly done some damage on the ground. If Purdue can slow down their QB I think the Purdue offense can do just enough to win this one ugly. It’s a good thing the Purdue defensive line is the strength of this defense. They are going to have to carry the team to victory tomorrow afternoon.

Purdue is currently a 2.5 point dog on the road according to Draft Kings which makes some sense to me. I think Purdue plays like a great team and covers that.

Purdue 21

Nebraska 14

Jed (5-2):

This is a game Purdue needs to win and they are fully capable of doing so. Nebraska doesn’t have a set of receivers that would give Purdue’s defensive backfield issues in coverage throughout the entirety of the game but they do have a QB who is capable in the running game. That’s been the bugaboo for this defense so far this year so we’ll have to see if that has been shored up. Nebraska will be without 3 starting offensive linemen as well, which doesn’t bode well when facing one of the better defensive pressure teams in the country.

Offensively, hopefully Purdue was able to get some guys healthy and Card can deliver the ball quickly to receivers in space. If he can, I like Purdue’s chances.

Purdue 31

Nebraska 27

Drew (3-4):

Two similar teams battle it out in bad weather. This one comes down to turnovers. Both teams have a hard time holding onto the ball, it’s a question of who shoots themselves in the foot with the highest caliber weapon. I have no idea how this turns out, but since this is a Purdue blog. BTFU!

Purdue 28

Nebraska 21

Gabi (3-4):

I want to pick Purdue because it’s a must-win at this point if they want to go bowling, granted it’ll be like a Dollar General bowl but still. I just don’t think I have enough confidence in this Purdue squad this year. Nebraska’s offense is nothing special and I do think it’s a good match up for the Boilers but I don’t know if we have enough pieces on the offensive side to get past their D. IF Purdue can stop getting in their own way with penalties and string some momentum together getting down the field and actually converting in the red zone then they have a fighting chance. But they’ll be playing in a hostile environment against a team who is also looking to get back to a bowl game. Much to my dismay I’m going with the Cornhuskers on this one and Purdue doesn’t cover.

Purdue 20

Nebraska 24

Ryan (3-4):

Positives for Purdue this week:

  • They had 2 weeks to scheme for Nebraska and recover from the first 7 games
  • Nebraska is down 3 starting offensive lineman, 2 wide receivers and 2 running backs
  • Ryan Walters hates Nebraska

Negatives for Purdue this week:

  • Nebraska’s QB is the leading rusher on the team
  • The weather could be cold and snowy
  • Nebraska looks tougher than previous years (not too hard to do though)

Overall, I think the gameplan should be simple this week: make sure to have a QB spy at all times and do not lose contain on option plays. The weather could take a little bit of air out of the ball, but I think Purdue does enough prep work to get this win in Lincoln.

Purdue 17

Nebraska 13

Chase (5-1):

Purdue comes into this one at 2-5 and 2-5 against the spread. So as a 2.5 point road underdog, there’s not too many reason for optimism. Of which, if you look at my record, I haven’t had much.

However, the Boilers do come in with a rest advantage and with their season on the line. With a trip to the Big House on the horizon, Purdue has to be picture perfect the rest of the way, and for once, I actually think they will get it done to keep some spirit going. At least until next week.

Purdue 21

Nebraska 17

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.