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Boiler Alert Podcast - Time to Talk Nebraska

How confident are Ryan and I going into Saturday?

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast is out and Ryan and I give you everything you could want to know about the past week in Big Ten football. We also discuss what in the world is going on in the state of Michigan. I mean you’ve got Michigan accused of stealing signs and you’ve got Michigan State throwing some rather ummm strange questions and images up on their scoreboards.

Then we of course check in on both Iowa and IU. How is Iowa doing on the offensive side of the ball and is Brian Ferentz going to get his money? It doesn’t look great right now. Then, we talk IU and check in on the rest of their schedule.

Finally, Ryan and I talk Nebraska and what we can expect to see out of the Cornhuskers. They have been ravaged by injury so far this year including three offensive lineman. They are also missing key WRs and RBs. The offense is a shell of itself and that gives this humble Purdue fan hope.

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