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Purdue Football: Quick Look at Nebraska

Boilers head to Lincoln to take on “The champions of the offseason”

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Stat Leaders:

Passing Yards

Heinrich Haarberg: Quarter Back: 716 yards: 5 TD: 4 INT: 41.7 QBR

Rushing Yards

Heinrich Haarberg: Quarterback: 424 yards: 5 TD: 5 YPC

Receiving Yards

Billy Kemp IV: Receiver: 21 Receptions: 216 yards: 1 TD


Isaac Gifford: Defensive Back: 26 Tackles: 1 interception

Quick Look:

Ahhhh Nebraska, don’t we all love to hate them? Coach Walters played for Colorado in college and yesterday voiced his disdain as well for the Cornhuskers; “My first season at Illinois. I just remember them running out of the tunnel in Champaign and the feelings just come back, right? It’s like, man, I really can’t stand that color. Don’t like that N on the helmet. And so definitely this has been a big week.” I tend to agree, I also hate teams that have red on their jerseys.

No it isn’t a typo in my stats listed above, their starting QB leads the team in passing as well as rushing for the team. Purdue hasn’t done great against quarterbacks with quick feet but if it makes you feel better he’s probably more of a threat on the ground then he is in the air.

Nebraska is also without 3 of their starting offensive line and Purdue has done a good job against the pash rush.

Right now they rank #22 in total defense allowing 4.68 yards per play and 15 touchdowns. They brought in new defensive coordinator Tony White that has implemented the 3-3-5 defensive scheme.

They have a handful of talented defensive backs and have been able to limit teams in the red zone… which if you’ve been paying attention Purdue hasn’t done well with.

Right now Nebraska is favored by 2.5 points and honestly that feels about right. This is a good matchup and Purdue has continued to get better with each week. My heart is always all in but my mind says stay wary. Boiler up!