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Purdue vs. Ohio State - Game Time and Network Announced

All the details are here for you!

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With all the new TV deals in place for the Big Ten this season it can be a hassle to know when and where game times are announced, and that’s not even to mention where you can actually watch the game. Well, today, we got news on both of these for the game against Ohio State. Unfortunately, the cowards at the networks and the conference chose not to make this game a night game. Typical big wigs protecting Ohio State from falling out of the College Football Playoff race so early in the season. THEY DUCKING US! Instead, this game will kick off at noon.

We also got word on the network for this game and oh boy are people gonna be psyched!

With the announcement of this game appearing on Peacock, it will be the third game in a row that Purdue has had on the NBC/Comcast streaming service. This will of course be something that no one has any complaints about at all. I expect there to be no issues.

On the plus side, for those that have signed up for just one month of Peacock you’ve got these games in back to back to back weeks. Does this mean the rest of the season won’t be on Peacock? I have no idea, but maybe this means Purdue has completed their Peacock allotment.