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Boiler Alert Podcast - Victory against Illinois!

Plus we check in on the rest of the conference with special focus on IU and Iowa.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

After you win a football game 44-19 there’s always a lot of positives to talk about and Ryan and I aren’t shy about sharing our thoughts this week. In the latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast we talk the bad, but mostly the good(!) about Purdue’s surprisingly dominant victory over Illinois.

Before we get into that though we talk about Ryan being a curse. We talk about IU firing it’s offensive coordinator just after a qualifying event, and we check in on Iowa’s quest to average 25 points per game including some clarity on the language in the contract.

Don’t forget everyone, as mandated by (waves hands) society we will be discussing Taylor Swift and the NFL as she came onto my TV screen while recording.

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