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B.U.D.S. Podcast: Post Ohio State Debate

Garrett and Drew discuss the aftermath of the Ohio State beat down.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

After a technical glitch ate the Pre-Ohio State pod, the boys from down south are return to opine on the Boilermakers Post-Ohio State.

It’s though to give commentary on a beat down of that magnitude, but the Garrett and Drew give it the old college try. Bright spots discussed include Yanni, Dillion, Devin, and a Mershawn Rice sighting. Hudson Card’s health is questioned, missed field goals are bemoaned, and compliments are handed out for ball security.

A brief “what does Purdue need to do against Nebraska” segment should send the listeners out on a semi-happy note, because unlike the Ohio State game, Purdue can win this one without divine intervention.

Be sure to check back Friday for Garrett and Drew’s Nebraska preview.

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