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Boiler Alert Podcast - Preaching Patience After a Loss to Ohio State

But will anyone heed our pleas?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Numerous injuries to the offensive line are one reason for concern.
Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

No one realistically thought Purdue was going to win that game. Even the most diehard of diehard Purdue fans chalked it up as a loss prior to kickoff. Purdue just doesn’t have the same level of talent as Ohio State (that’s obviously a problem) and they lacked the one true superstar (Rondale Moore, Ryan Kerrigan) who could throw the team on his back and carry them to victory as we’ve seen in the past against the Buckeyes. So then, why is everyone so much angrier after this loss?

What were the expectations that these people had going into the season? If you are a regular listener to the podcast you know that Ryan and I are pretty optimistic people when it comes to Purdue sports. However, even our pie in the sky everything goes right prediction included Purdue going just 7-5. And again, that’s every single thing goes right, Purdue avoids injury, maybe some opponents don’t meet expectations etc. There was little margin for error going into this game and Purdue just simply couldn’t do it. I hate telling people to temper expectations, but there is a certain point where you’ve gotta be realistic.

We go deep into that and cover the loss to Ohio State including three good things Ryan saw in this one. There is always some optimism to be found!