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Purdue Fans React - Ohio State Week Results

What’s the vibe of the fanbase like right now pre-Ohio State?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to Iowa last week and looking not good while doing it, the pulse of the fanbase is likely to be...not great. Regardless, I took the opportunity to ask two questions of the fans this week. As a reminder we are limited to two questions per week.

Unfortunately, this week they didn’t quite give me the full results. We’ve only got 88% of the vote totals showing here. What I’m going to take that to mean is that there is AT MOST 12% of the fanbase thinks Purdue will reach bowl eligibility. However, I acknowledge that number is probably much lower because it’s like some percentage of the fanbase chose two as the number of wins. So, right now the ceiling is 12% with the floor of course being 0% but I don’t see that number as likely either. Going into the game against Iowa 28% of fans believed Purdue would win 6 games. Quite a fall. Prior to the Illinois game just 8% of fans thought Purdue would reach 6 wins and become bowl eligible (the graphic said 18% but this was a typo). Taking a look back at previous weeks, prior to week one, 79% of fans thought Purdue would reach bowl eligibility. After the loss to Fresno State, that number dropped all the way to 35%. Following the victory over Virginia Tech confidence rebounded a bit with 54% believing Purdue can reach six or more wins and become bowl eligible. After losing to Syracuse, and looking rather bad doing it, just 17% of Purdue fans believe the team will win six or more games to reach bowl eligibility.

Remember, good teams win, but great teams cover. I asked if Purdue would cover the spread against the Buckeyes and folks are not optimistic. While the spread has moved around slightly, it has hovered around 19 or 19.5 for most of the week. Just 23% of fans believe Purdue can find a way to cover the spread against the Buckeyes.

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