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Purdue vs. Ohio State - Staff Predictions

Can anyone on the staff find optimism?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

There was a glimmer of optimism in the air prior to the game against Iowa. Purdue was coming off a victory over Illinois and headed to face an Iowa team that has faced the same struggles they have for years. They couldn’t play offense. Seemed pretty important. Turns out though that the Purdue offense couldn’t play against the Iowa defense and Purdue came up short. Well, does anyone feel optimistic this week? Let’s take a look shall we? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

Jumbo Heroes (3-3):

I got sucked in last week and picked Purdue to win an ugly game. I think the optimism just got to me after seeing the offense truly put some things together against Illinois. I was wrong. I know that now. Rather than being optimistic now, I’m looking into the abyss and I don’t like what’s staring back at me.

Ohio State is good. Damn good. They are undefeated on the season and currently ranked #3 in the country. That’s a good team. They’ve got dynamic players on offense, they’ve got some real talented guys on defense. Overall, it looks like Purdue is outmatched at nearly every position. Now, with Klare, Wilson, and Mbow all out plus maybe Tracy and kicker Ben Freehill as well, Purdue is thin at positions they can’t be thin at. The offensive line and the secondary were already held together with crazy glue and bird spit, but without two of their key guys I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Draft Kings has Purdue as a 19 point dog and honestly I’m not trusting Purdue to cover.

Purdue 3

Ohio State 35

Gabi (2-4):

Every week I go in with high expectations that somehow Purdue finds a way to win. I really thought they’d pull it off against Iowa last week. But I just don’t see a path here. I know we love the Cinderella story of Purdue knocking off some ranked powerhouse and have seen it in years past but it’s just not going to be this year. We haven’t been able to defend the pass well all season and our corners are going to be facing one of the best receivers in Marvin Harrison Jr. who’s already had 20 receptions for almost 500 yards this season. Not to mention their running back who is averaging 6.7 yards a carry. We just simply don’t have enough weapons on defense or offense to keep up with this Ohio State team along with three of our key players now being out for the season and a banged up QB. For the first time this season, I’m going with the other guys. Prove me wrong Boilers.

Purdue 13

Ohio State 42

Ryan (2-4):

No dilly dallying in this one. Purdue will be woefully outmatched and unless magic truly exists, it will be a long afternoon for the Boilermakers.

Purdue 10

Ohio State 38

Drew (2-4):

Sigh, I have 0.0% optimism Purdue can keep this close. A confluence of injuries and lack of depth has left gaping holes in a roster that started talent poor.

Ohio State plays in a different tier of college football and they will inflict pain on the Boilermakers this Saturday.

Purdue 17

Ohio State 47

Jed (4-2):

Let’s be really frank about some things concerning this game. Purdue has a chance to win, as slim as it might be, but it isn’t likely to happen. If Purdue was totally at full health, the margin is much wider and at this point of the season OSU has been exposed a bit to find advantages. The problem is Purdue just doesn’t have the margin to really take advantage of those places where OSU is weak. If Purdue somehow gets a Kerrigan-like effort from Jenkins or Scourton to the tune of 5 sacks on his own and the Boilers turn OSU over 3 or more times while not turning it over themselves then yeah, they have a shot. But that’s not realistic.

Let’s see Purdue keep it competitive and not get blown out by 22 or more points. Doing that should be a win against a team that is amongst the best in the country. I’m not sure they’ll be able to do that though with Marvin Harrison Jr. and an elite wide receiver corps that will give Purdue’s weakest link (defensive backs) fits.

Purdue 24

OSU 48

Chase (4-1):

Well, we’re finally here. The day I predicted bowl eligibility would become unlikely and it would be time to start evaluating for next season. Unfortunately, Purdue has done absolutely nothing to change my mind. Purdue is a 19 point home underdog and I legitimately think that is generous. When the Purdue offense steps out against a defense full of NFL talent, it will be the stoppable force meeting the immovable object. And Ohio State may hit the over all by themselves.

Basketball season is just around the corner!

Purdue 6

Ohio State 35

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