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Purdue Football: Quick Look at Ohio State

You may need to actually head to Harry’s for a Grateful Dead after this one.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Stat Leaders

Kyle McCord- Quarter Back

1,375 yards: 8 td: 1 int: 86.6 qbr (6th)

Treveyon Henderson- Running Back

44 carries: 295 yards: 5 td.

Marvin Harrison Jr.- Wide Receiver

25 receptions: 499 yards: 4 td

Tommy Eichenberg- Linebacker

26 tackles: 1 sack: 1 forced fumble

The #3 team in the country is heading to Ross-Ade Saturday to face a Purdue team that is still struggling to find its identity. I know people like to cling on to what happened the last time they came to West Lafayette ranked… if you don’t remember the Boilers stomped on the Buckeyes 49-20.

But that was a different team that had maybe a little bit of Tyler Trent magic behind them. Unless we have an Angels in the football field moment, this one has the Harry’s motto all over it. Go (get) ugly early.

We’ve recently learned three key players are now out for the season; Marcus Mbow, Marquis Wilson and Max Klare along with a banged up quarterback. We got a taste of what that looked like against Iowa and it was less than enjoyable.

Ohio State has a top QB running the offense paired with a top draft pick wide receiver. That alone against our corners is going to be lethal. Not to mention a dominant running back, although he is coming off an injury but is expected to play Saturday.

I just don’t think Purdue’s defense has enough weapons to keep up with the offense Ohio State has. Purdue has to take care of the football, we are turning the ball over far too much and making careless mistakes resulting in losing yards due to penalties. For a team that is struggling with keeping momentum in games, those things just can’t happen if you want to win.

Regardless, even if Purdue does correct all their problems magically in a week we are going to need a little magic (or a lot) to pull this one out. I always did love that Angels in the Outfield movie.