Aiden O’Connell

From Walk on to a starter in the NFL. Quite a story - even if it’s just one game he will have this forever. "Yes little Johnny I threw a Touchdown pass to Devonte Adams" - "no way Grand Pa" - "let me show you the video young boy"

with Jimmy G out with a concussion Aiden gets the start for the Raiders this week. Never been a Raiders fan but will seek that game out this weekend. I am probably a low level O’Connell fan in this site - talented for sure but an NFL QB - now way. We’ll color me humbled - I was wrong and the young man with all his incredible hard work has earned his chance - hoping Jimmy G becomes the Wally Pipp of Raider football.

I swear some people post here without having to hit the 150 minimum - not me though so Boiler Up!

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