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Purdue Basketball on a Roll - Plus, Unanimity!

Ryan and I are joined by Gabi to talk Purdue basketball.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Despite what Jason Whitlock might say we know that you care about women’s sports. At Purdue that means volleyball and basketball. So we tried to take some time on this latest episode of the podcast to talk about the turnaround of the women’s basketball team under head coach Katie Gearlds. We brought on Gabi to join us and chat about both basketball teams.

We take a look back at victories over Michigan and Michigan State for the men and Illinois and Ohio State for the women.

Then, we look ahead and discuss the rest of the season for the women and look at the upcoming games against Penn State and IU for the men. Yes, yes, we know one game at a time and all of that. However, I couldn’t resist asking for people’s least favorite IU player. Take a listen, comment, like, subscribe, rate, review. Do all the things.