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B1G Power Rankings 1/30

Illiana rules the realm.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 29 Michigan State at Purdue Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

1) Purdue

Last week: 1

Unanimously #1. I need not say more but no days off for Purdue. PSU and IU can both certainly pack a punch and Zach Edey has certainly been the Big Ten punching bag this season.

2) Indiana

Last week: 3

In 49 states, it’s just basketball. And the best Purdue-IU rivalry game in years is gonna be overshadowed this weekend by a mediocre Duke-UNC game. Pitiful. However, IU will have to play in Maryland first, where the Terps have yet to lose in B1G play.

3) Illinois

Last week: 5

Illinois has come on strong lately, winning 6 of its last 7 games, although 5 of those games were against teams in the bottom 4 of these rankings. The Illini get another of those tomorrow against Nebraska before taking on Iowa on the road.

4) Northwestern

Last week: 14

After being quarantined, Northwestern bounced back and has won three straight games. They still have an accelerated schedule but have fared well so far. Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin wait for the Wildcats this week.

5) Rutgers

Last week: 2

It was a tale of two games last week for Rutgers, who allowed just 45 points to Penn State in a rout but then allowed Iowa to catch fire and drop 93 in a loss. The Scarlet Knights return home for 2 games this week against Minnesota and Michigan State where they’ll try to keep up in the B1G standings.

6) Michigan State

Last week: 4

Michigan State is now 0-6 against teams from Illinois and Indiana, and now Tom Izzo and company has gone and unleashed another level of beast in both Trayce Jackson-Davis and Zach Edey. Way to go, Izzo. At least the Spartans took down Iowa at home in their grueling schedule.

7) Iowa

Last week: 10

After dropping contests at Ohio State and Michigan State, Iowa blitzed Rutgers at home. Iowa gets Northwestern and Illinois at home this week, so they have potential to rise.

8) Maryland

Last week: 8

Maryland on the road in the Big Ten: 0-5. Maryland at home in the Big Ten: 5-0. We’ll see how long that trend continues as the Terps still have to take on Indiana, Penn State, Purdue, and Northwestern at home this season.

9) Penn State

Last week: 9

Penn State has alternated good and bad performances for 6 straight games and it’s a sign of a young coach. Micah Shrewsberry’s squad can rise to the occasion but also can fall a little flat. That happened last week as PSU couldn’t do much of anything at Rutgers and then took Michigan to the woodshed. The Nittany Lions play Purdue and Nebraska on the road this week.

10) Michigan

Last week: 6

Michigan has lost 5 of 7 with one of the victories being a nail-biter against Minnesota at home. The Wolverines are 11-10 overall despite having some of the best talent in the Big Ten.

11) Ohio State

Last week: 11

It has been a rough go for the Buckeyes. The win over Iowa looked like a turning point but then the Bucks dropped its last two at Illinois and Indiana. OSU has lost 7 of 8 and the road doesn’t get easier as Brutus and company have no more games against the bottom 2 B1G teams.

12) Wisconsin

Last week: 7

Wisconsin has lost 3 straight and 6 of 7. The OSU-Wisconsin game this week could truly be awful. It’s been over 3 weeks since Wisconsin scored over 65 points in a game, despite the return of Tyler Wahl.

13) Nebraska

Last week: 12

Nebraska may be bottom 2 but they are definitely not the worst Big Ten team. The Huskers have dropped 3 straight to PSU, NW, and MD and get to take on Illinois and PSU this week. Hopefully, no more injuries occur for this depleted squad.

14) Minnesota

Last week: 13

Minnesota almost beat IU at home without its 2 best bigs. Despite having only 1 win against Power 5 teams, Minnesota gives its all every game, and that’s all Ben Johnson can ask for. That’s how you show recruits that it’s worth coming all the way up to Minnesota to play when warm states are available.