Age of B10 Starting Lineups

I've got the day off, so what else would I do except compile a list of the average age of each Big Ten team's starting lineup? I'm sure this data is available somewhere else, but I didn't find it quickly. Conference records in parentheses. From youngest to oldest:

1 = Freshman, 2 = Sophomore, 3 = Junior, 4 = Senior

michigan (5-5) 2
purdue (10-1) 2
minnesota (1-9) 2.4
nebraska (3-8) 2.6
ohio state (3-7) 2.6
wisconsin (4-6) 2.6
illinois (6-4) 2.8
indinia (6-4) 3.2
michigan state (6-5) 3.2
iowa (5-5) 3.4
maryland (5-5) 3.6
northwestern (6-3) 3.6
rutgers (6-4) 3.6
penn state (5-5) 3.8

Implications? Probably fewer than it seems. The transfer portal can bring in experience quickly. And, as we've seen this year, not all freshmen play like freshmen. As it is, on Wednesday, the youngest team in the league clashes with the oldest.

*The starting lineups were from the starters in the most recent games. Injuries may impact the actual numbers.*

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