2023 Purdue Men’s Basketball…….Dominant and Historic

I fell in love with college basketball in 1981 and have seen several dominant teams through the years. Hoyas Paranoia, UNLV of the early 90s, Back to Back Florida teams, and a team that I won’t mention that wears the wrong shade of Blue. This Purdue team is simply dominant and to think it’s late January and they only have one loss which without a blown defensive rotation this team would be undefeated. The dominance is of course led by the most dominant player since Ewing and Ralph Sampson (if you never saw them play Google them) neither of those Bigs dominated scoring like Edey but were dominant bigs. This team has passed every test and has only one remaining game where they are underdogs and that IU and I expect them to win there by 7-12 points.

Painter GOAT team!!

Working on campus and living in WL, not a day goes by that I’m not talks hoops with someone. Students, alumni, even athletics staff etc. and the common narrative is this team MUST make the FF to reach its fullest potential. Talking to most Boilermakers there’s always a reluctance to look ahead to March and there’s usually a let’s wait and see approach. I understand with the past experiences but this team has done things no other team has done and I’ve said since December they will make the National Championship game. I think the next 3 years Painter has a chance to make multiple FFs and fans will look back at this as the greatest era of Purdue Basketball. I know some will say I’m jumping the gun but I’ve seen lots of CBB and this team is THAT GOOD.

The best start in Purdue History (record)

Most weeks ranked #1

First time playing in Mackey as #1 (multiple times)

A run away NPOY

2 All-B1G Freshmen 1 B1G freshmen of the year

Theres even more history I think will be made

25th B1G Championship

#1 overall seed in the tournament

FF& NC Game (those will come with significant historical achievements)

I’m sold on this team continuing its dominance and rolling its way to the FF. No one will sneak up on this team because Zach Edey is the hardest player to game plan for in all of college basketball. I don’t comment much anymore but I had to share this opinion. Funny story, I’ve asked several students about their plans to celebrate when Purdue makes the FF or wins it all. Lots of students don’t know where to go on campus but they will figure it out. A couple frat boys said they definitely cooking up something. Boilermakers the next 3-5 years will be historic, ENJOY

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